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Playing Fields

No Field0AGaasa  
Portage101AGR4401 Shriver Rd44685
Portage102AGR4401 Shriver Rd44685
Green Intermediate School103IGR2250 Graybill Rd44685
Greenwood Elementary u9 u10104AGR2250 Graybill Rd44685
Green High School106IGR  
Green High School107IGr  
Greensburg108AGR4899 Massillon Rd44720
Boettler109AGR5300 Massillon Road44720
Boettler110AGR5300 Massillon Road44720
Springhill Soccer Complex111AGR3749 Fortuna Dr.44312
Springhill Soccer Complex112AGR3749 Fortuna Dr.44312
Springhill Soccer Complex113AGR3749 Fortuna Dr.44312
Springhill Soccer Complex114AGR3749 Fortuna Dr.44312
Springhill Soccer Complex115AGR3749 Fortuna Dr.44312
Springhill Soccer U9/U10116AGR3749 Fortuna Dr.44312
Springhill Soccer U9/U10117AGR3749 Fortuna Dr.44312
Huckleberry Rd.121IJFHuckleberry Rd.44646
Jackson Park South122IJf  
Jackson Park South123IJf  
Jackson Stuhldreher fields124AJS7200 Stuhldreher St NW44646
Jackson Stuhldreher Fields125AJF7200 Stuhldreher St NW44646
Jackson High School126AJF7600 Fulton Drive NW44646
Jackson Park North u11/12128AJF7601 Fulton Dr NW44646
Jackson Park North u11/12129AJF7601 Fulton Dr NW44646
Jackson Park North130IJF7601 Fulton Dr NW44646
Strausser131AJS8646 Strausser St NW44646
Strausser132AJS8646 Strausser44646
Meredith 8v8135APR843 Genoa Ave SW44646
Meredith 6v6136APR843 Genoa Ave SW44646
Meredith 6v6137APR843 Genoa Ave SW44646
St. Joan of Arc138APR4940 W Tuscarawas St44708
St. Joan of Arc 8v8139APR4940 W Tuscarawas St.44708
Manchester High School140IMn  
Manchester Middle School143AMN760 W. Nimisila Rd44319
Manchester Middle School144AMN760 W. Nimisila Rd44319
Manchester Middle School145AMN760 W. Nimisila Rd44319
Northwest150ANW246 E. Market St44614
Northwest151ANW5826 Manchester Ave44666
Tuslaw153ATM5855 Manchester Rd NW44666
Malone University Fld #1155AJS2600 Cleveland Avenue NW44709
Canton Twnshp Park 6v6157ADS2901 Oyer St SE44707
Canton Twnshp Park 8v8158ADS2901 Oyer St SE44707
Walker Elementary 11v11159ADS3525 Sandy Ave SE44707
Weis160ALI189 25th Street NW44709
Country Day School161ADS3000 Demmington Ave44718
Southside Community Park 11v11169ANP980 Perry Dr44663
Lawrence Twnshp Bldg170ANP10841 Fisher Rd.44612
New Philadephia 6v6171ANP2012 Pleasant Valley Rd.44663
New Philadelphia 8v8172ANP2012 Pleasant Valley Road44663
Louisville High School182ALS1201 S Nickelplate44641
Metzger Park U11/12183ALs1420 S Nickel Plate44641
Louisville Middle School184ALS1300 South Chapel Road44641
Metzger Park U9 10185ALS1420 S Nickel Plate44641
N Nimishillen School186ALS7337 Easton St NE44641
Fairhope Field 8v8187ALS4001 Addison Ave44641
Minerva190AMS600 E. Line St.44657
Minerva191AMS600 E. Line St.44657
Lexington Elementary U9/10194AWH12333 Atwater Ave NE44601
Lexington Elementary U13/14195AWH12333 Atwater Ave NE44601
New Baltimore Comm Church197AWH7761 Pontius St NE44601
Diamond/200200AGaasa2782 Diamond St NE44721
Diamond/201201AGaasa2782 Diamond St NE44721
Diamond/202202AGaasa2782 Diamond St NE44721
Diamond/203203AGaasa2782 Diamond St NE44721
Diamond/204204AGaasa2782 Diamond St NE44721
Diamond/205205AGaasa2782 Diamond St NE44721
Diamond/206206AGaasa2782 Diamond St NE44721
Middlebranch Elementary210AEA7500 Middlebranch Ave NE44721
Lake220ALK11858 Market Ave NE44685
Lake221ALK11858 Market Ave NE44685
Lake High School222INULL11858 Market Ave NE44685
Lake High School223ILk  
Lake224ILK11858 Market Ave NE44685
Lake225ILK11858 Market Ave NE44685
Lake Center Christian School226ILk  
Springhill School230ISp  
Lower231ASp489 Fenn RD44278
Lower Park N232ASp489 Fenn Rd44278
Springfield 9/10233ASp2470 Sanitarium Road44250
Brimfield 8v8239AFY4484 Edson Rd44240
Suffield Elementary240INULL1128 Waterloo Rd44260
Brimfield 6v6241IFY4484 Edson Rd44240
Wingfoot State Park 8v8242AFY993 Goodyear Park Blvd.44260
Wingfoot State Park 11v11243AFY993 Goodyear Park Blvd.44260
Falcon Academy244AFY1473 Saxe Rd44260
Field Youth 8v8245IFY3266 State Route 4344260
Field HS Practice246AFY2900St Rt 4344260
Pickle Road Soccer280ASp2295 Pickle Rd44312
Lions Park290AES0000 Main St00000
Summit Lake Annex 6v6300AAA307 W Long Street44301
Summit Lake Annex 8v8301AAA307 W Long St44301
Summit Lake302AAA980 Lake Shore Blvd44301
Firestone Metro Park305AFp305 Harrington Rd.44319
Opportunity Park310AAA77 W. Thornton44312
Akron Indoor320AEu73 W Rosewood Ave44301
Goodyear Middle School325AEu  
Logan-329329ACY2701 N. Turkeyfoot Rd.44319
Logan-330330ACy2701 N. Turkeyfoot Rd. 44319
Logan-331331ACy2701 N. Turkeyfoot Rd.44319
Logan-332332ACy2701 N. Turkeyfoot Rd.44319
Tuscora ParkU10400INULL5th St NE44203
Newton St. Park401INULL760 Newton Street44203
Highland Middle School402INULL1185 Shannon Ave44203
Highland403INULL1185 Shannon Ave44203
Newton St Park404ABb760 Newton Street44203
Barberton Comm Foundation Pk405ABb841 Wooster Rd W44203
Barberton Comm Foundation Pk406ABb841 Wooster Rd W44203
Anna Dean Park407INULL1030 S. Azalea Rd44203
Anna Dean Park408INULL1030 S. Azalea Rd44203
Newton St. Park409INULL760 Newton Dr44203
Columbia420INULLGreenwich Rd44203
Norton Middle School421INt  
Oakleaf/425425ANT3090 Wadsworth Rd44203
Oakleaf/426426ANT3090 Wadsworth Rd44203
Oakleaf/427427ANT3090 Wadsworth Rd44203
Chippewa U9/u10430ACS700 Gates St44230
Hazel431ICS165 Brooklyn Ave.44230
Chippewa432ICS100 Valley View Rd44230
Chippewa U11/12433ACS700 Gates St44230
Chippewa U13/14434ACS700 Gates St44230
Art Wright Stadium441AWA185 Grandview Avenue44281
Wadsworth High School442IWa  
Bird/444444IWABird St44281
Bird/445445IWABird St44281
Muhl/447447AWa405 Trease Rd44281
Muhl/448448AWa405 Trease Rd44281
Muhl/449449AWa405 Trease Rd44281
Muhl/450450AWa405 Trease Rd44281
Muhl/451451INULL405 Trease Rd44281
Muhl/452452AWa405 Trease Rd44281
Muhl/453453AWa405 Trease Rd44281
Muhl/454454INULL405 Trease Rd44281
Muhl/455455AWa405 Trease Rd44281
Muhl/457457AWa405 Trease Rd44281
Buffham Rd. Field460IGaasa  
Wooster Soccer Complex470AOsu515 Oldman Rd44691
NC Soccer Campground 6v6480ATF8809 Lake Rd44273
NC Soccer Campground 8v8481ATF8809 Lake Rd44273
Sharon Park/6v6498AHD6700 Ridge Road44274
Sharon 6 v 6499ANULL6700 Ridge Rd44274
Sharon500AHD6700 Ridge Rd.44274
Sharon501AHd6700 Ridge Rd44274
Greenleaf Park502AHd1674 S Medina Line Rd44274
Highland Middle School503IHd  
Granger504INULL3717 Ridge Rd44256
Granger505INULL3717 Ridge Rd44256
Pinnacle Soccer510AHS313 Medina RD44256
Huffman 1514AMd4463 Weymouth Rd44256
Huffman 2515AMd4463 Weymouth Rd44256
Cunningham 1519AMd  
Garner Field520IMd  
Greenwood Park522IMd  
Buckeye Woods Park U9523AMd6263 Wedgewood Rd44256
Ebners Field524AMd  
Buckeye Woods526ALn6263 Wedgewood Rd44256
Buckeye527AGaasa6263 Wedgewood Rd44256
Buckeye Woods528AGaasa6263 Wedgewood44256
Buckeye Woods529AGaasa6263 Wedgewood Rd44256
Copley/581581IGA1806 Copley Rd44320
Copley/582582AGA1806 Copley Road44320
Copley/583583AGA1806 Copley Road44320
Copley/584584AGaasa1806 Copley Rd44320
Copley/585585AGaasa1806 Copley Rd44320
Copley/586586AGaasa1806 Copley Rd44320
Copley/587587AGaasa1806 Copley Rd44320
Copley/588588AGaasa1806 Copley Rd44320
Copley/589589AGaasa1806 Copley Rd44320
Rising/600600IRV4540 Oviatt Rd44286
Rising/601601IRV4540 Oviatt Rd44286
Hillcrest Elementary602ARV3080 Revere Road44286
Bath Community603ARV1615 N Cleveland Massillon44333
Richfield604ARv4100 Broadview Rd44286
Richfield605ARv4100 Broadview Rd44286
Richfield606ARv4100 Broadview Rd44333
Bath Community610ARV1615 N Cleveland-Massillon44333
Revere HS611ARV3420 Everett Rd44286
Revere Admin Field612ARV3496 Everett RD44286
North Hawkins St. Field u/11622AWu  
Erie Island School624IWu  
Cascade Valley625AWu  
Cascade Valley626AWu  
St. Hilary - Yahner Field630ASh2750 W. Market St.44333
St. Hilary631ASh2750 W. Market St.44333
Hardesty Park Field632AWu  
Hardesty Park Field633AWu  
Memorial Parkway Fields635AWu  
Memorial Parkway Fields636AWu  
Fairlawn Fields648ACP3300 Ridgewood Rd.44333
Fairlawn Fields649ACP3300 Ridgewood Rd.44333
Fairlawn Fields650ACP3300 Ridgewood Rd.44333
Copley - CHS Stadium - Turf651ACP3807 Ridgewood Rd44321
Copley Community Park652ACp  
Copley - VFW653ACP1287 Sunset Blvd44321
Copley Middle School654ACp  
Arrowhead School/655655ACp1600 Raleigh Blvd44321
Arrowhead School/656656ACp1600 Raleigh Blvd44321
Arrowhead School/657657ACp1600 Raleigh Blvd44321
Copley HS - Upper Field658ACp880 Rothrock Cir44321
Fort Island School U9659ACP496 Trunko Rd44321
Brecksville-Broadview668ABR1000 Brecksville Rd44141
Peak Performance669ABR1 Eagle Valley Court44147
Brecksville-Broadview670ABR6380 Mill Road44147
Blossom Lower671ABT4400 Oakes Rd44141
Blossom Upper A672ABT4400 Oakes Rd44141
Blossom Upper B673ABT4400 Oakes Rd44141
Blossom Turf674ABT4400 Oakes Rd44141
The Fields of Broadview Height675ABR8938 Broadview Road44147
Chippewa Elementary677ABT8611 Weise Rd.44141
Old Stadium-Brecksville 6v6678ABT7000 Stadium Drive44141
Chippewa Elementary 6v6679ABT8611 Weise Road44141
Chippewa Elementary 6v6680ABT8611 Weise Road44141
Valley View Woods685AIN13005 Schreiber Rd44125
Independence School 11v11687ABR6001 Archwood Rd44131
Pokrova690ATR6812 Broadview Rd44134
Sill Middle School700ACf1910 Searl St44221
Schnee701ACf2222 Issaquah St44221
Preston702ACf800 Tallmadge Rd44221
Waterworks704ACf2025 Munroe Falls Ave44221
Waterworks Park705ACF2025 Munroe Falls Ave44221
Bolich Middle School706ACf2630 13th St44223
Lions Park720ATU245 Northeast Ave44278
Summit County Fairgrounds/721721ATu800 North Ave44278
Summit County Fairgrounds/722722ATu800 North Ave44278
Summit County Fairgrounds/723723ATu800 North Ave44278
Summit Cnty Fairgrounds u9/u10724ATu800 North Ave44278
Kimpton Middle School741ISt  
Kimpton Middle School742ISt  
Silver Springs Park743ASt5027 Stow Rd44224
Silver Springs Park U11/12744ASt5027 Stow Rd44224
McCauley Rd. Field u9/u10745ISt  
Riverwood Community Chapel746ASt1407 Fairchild Ave44240
Oregon Trails U9/10747ASt2913 Graham Road44224
Oregon Trails U9/10748ASt2913 Graham ROad44224
Oregon Trails 8v8749AST2913 Graham Rd44224
Woodridge760AWr3313 Northampton Rd44223
Woodridge MS761ANULL4451 Quick Rd44264
Keyser762AWr550 Keyser Parkway44223
Kent Roosevelt High School801IKs  
Al Lease Park802AKs100 Denise Dr44240
Kent State Field House803IKs  
Fishcreek804AKs391 McKinney Blvd44240
Franklin805AKs1119 Ravenna Rd44240
Majors Lane806AKS620 Majors Lane44240
Majors Lane807AKS620 Majors Rd44240
Majors Lane U11/12808AKS620 Majors Lane44240
Rav. High Practice Field820ARR6589 N. Chestnut St.44266
Tappan Elementary U10/11821IPi  
Ravenna Old HS-11v11822ARR571 N Walnut St44266
Ravenna Soccer 6v6823ARR7272 State Route 8844266
Ravenna Soccer Complex824ARR7272 State Route 8844266
Wait Primary School830ARR899 Frost Road44241
Streetsboro831ASB9184 Cleveland Canton Road44241
Streetsboro U11/12832ASB9184 Cleveland Canton Rd.44241
Shalersville Park840IMa  
St. Joes841AMA1 St. Joseph Blvd44255
St. Joes842AMA1 St. Joseph Blvd44255
St. Joes843AMA1 St. Joseph Blvd44255
St. Joes844AMA1 St. Joseph Blvd44255
Southeast Elementary849ISl  
Southeast Elementary850ASl  
Gracie Fields851INULL3540 Cook Rd44272
Community852ART3671 Tallmadge Rd44272
Community853ART3671 Tallmadge Rd.44272
Donau Park860AGaasa3871 Ranfield Road44240
Donau Park861IG.f.s.  
St Joseph K of C Field876IWs  
Randolph877AWs1776 Ravenna Louisville Rd44265
NC Soccer-Hudson900ANE5661 Stow Rd44236
NC Soccer - Hudson901ANe5661 Stow Rd44236
NC Soccer-Hudson902ANe5661 Stow Rd44236
NC Soccer - Hudson903ANe5661 Stow Rd44236
NC Soccer - Hudson904ANe5661 Stow Rd44236
NC Soccer - Hudson905IHudson United5661 Stow Rd44236
Hudson High School u9/u10906IHudson United  
Hudson High School907IHudson United  
Christ Community Chapel910ABF750 W Streetsboro St44236
Liberty Park 11v11911ATWLiberty Park44087
Liberty Park 8v8912ATWLiberty Park44087
Glen Meadow Park 6v6913ATW1961 Glenwood Dr44087
Glen Meadow Park 6v6914ATW1961 Glenwood Dr44087
Twinsburg HS 11v11916ATW10270 Ravenna Rd44087
Longwood Park920IMacedonia  
Longwood Park921IMacedonia  
Smith Park925ANO125 Houghton Rd44067
Nordonia MS930ASA73 Leonard Ave44067
Amherst Jr HS950AAS548 Milan Ave44001
Troy Intermediate School1001AAS237 Belmar44012
Lear North Elementary1002AAS5580 Lear Nagle Rd44039
James Day Park1003AAS11828 Pleasant Valley Rd44130
Shaker Hts MS-Median1004AAS20600 Shaker Blvd44122
Shaker Hts-Lower1005AAS20600 Shaker Blvd44122
Porter Rd 11v111006AAS29535 Center Ridge Rd44145
Crestview Elementary1007AAS600 W 130th St44212
Foltz Field 11v111008AAS15301 Foltz Industrial Parkway44149
Foltz Field 8v81009AAS15301 Foltz Industrial Parkway44149
Schwarz Rd Park 8v81010AAS34741 Schwartz Rd44011
Avon HS1011AAS37545 Detroit Rd44011
Schady Rd Soccer Complex 11v111012AAS27089 Schady Rd44138
Hopkins Park-Diana 21013AAS1699 Diana Dr44212

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